Choco Flakes (Nissin Cisco)


This time, I’m going to tell about “Choco Flakes”.
It is Japanese snacks. You can buy it online store.

What is Choco Flakes?

You might heard about the word chocolate flake before. “Choco Flakes” is the chocolate flake that all of us know. It is super tasty chocolate cornflake snack. You can arrange to eat with milk. This product have been on sale since 1968 by Nissin Cisco. It is Japanese company. So this is the 50th anniversary since it was sold this year. The taste and the packages have changed significantly in the 50 years history. I would like to introduce a part of it.

History of Choco Flakes

Originally it was put in a box in 1968. However, since the box takes up space, it became released in bags in 1984. This Choco Flakes are made from double cacao blend from Ghana and Ecuador. And in 2018 it became a stand bag with a chuck so that you can eat when you want to eat with the amount you want to eat.


History of Choco Flakes

Many kinds of Choco Flakes

Currently, there are many kinds of it. There are Choco Flakes with 50% sugar off, Crisp balls type, those using thick chocolate. Acai’s chocolate flakes and mango chocolate flakes were sold for a limited time.  The fact that many kinds of things are on sale is that it is very popular. Actually, once I start eating, I can’t stop it. By the way, there were two kinds of companies making Choco Flakes in Japan. That is Mmorinaga. Morinaga stopped producing it.


Many kind of Choco Flakes

Choco Flake and Choco Flakes

There were two kinds of companies making Choco Flakes in Japan. Morinaga produced it, too. Also, Morinaga was producing it before Nissin Cisco. But now it stopped producing it. Cause is spread of smartphone. If you eat Choco Flake, your hands get dirty. And when you touch the screen of the smartphone with that hand, it gets dirty. People dislike it, they no longer buy Choco Flake. And Morinaga stopped producing it.


Morinaga’s & Nissin Cisco’s

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price 100 yen
taste chocolate, there are many kind of Choco Flakes
characteristic Chocolate is on the cornflakes
calorie 382 kcal / 80g
Maker Nissin Cisco