Fettuccine gummy (Bourbon)


This time, I’m going to tell about “Fettuccine gummy”.
It is Japanese snacks. You can buy it online store.

What is Fettuccine gummy?

Do you know “Fettuccine gummy” ?
This gummy is being sold in Japanese shops. This is made by a company called Bourbon. So you could also buy it at the Bourbon’s Internet store.


Fettuccine gummy

Many kinds of taste

The price is about 100 yen. There are many kinds of taste. This one is in the photo is “Italian grape”. There are another taste such as lemon, peach, pomegranate, cola, soda, lemon squash and cola hard boiled. What is your favorite taste?


Many kinds of taste

The characteristic of Fettuccine gummy

The characteristic of this gummy is the chewiness with sour and sweet taste!
When you eat the gummy its so chewy like its bouncing in the mouth. People who like chewing gum may like this. Also, it has sweet and sour powder. Do you think this gummy is so sour, so it is not delicious. But no. If you keep chewing, it will get so sweet because it has Italian grape juice. If you are interested, you should buy it because it is so cheap.


Yesterday, I bought it and doooooooooonuts!!!!!! This donuts is discounted in evening. It was 210 yen for 3 pieces. I think Shana is angry because I ate it everything. Eating too much sweets is not good. Sorry…

img_6335-e1539347234420.jpgChocolate donuts is the most my favorite of the tree.



Fettuccine gummy

→100 yen
→Italian grape, lemon, peach, pomegranate, cola, soda, lemon squash and cola hard boiled
→the chewiness with sour and sweet taste
→166 kcal / 1 bag (50g)