Kasuga Festival, Kyoto


I’m Ryohei.

This time, I’m going to tell about “Kasuga Festival”.
Today, when I was hanging around Hankyu line Saiin station (Kyoto), there were a lot of people. Since I was curious about what happened, I went there and there’s the Kasuga Festival. Kasuga Festival is held in Saiin Kasuga shrine. It is near the Saiin station in Kyoto.

What is Kasuga Festival

The Kasuga Festival is an autumn festival praying for disease-free and grain-rich farming. It is held every two Saturdays and Sundays of October every year. It is held on 13th and 14th October in 2018. I think this is one of the big festivals in Kyoto, as it blocks the road and carries a Mikoshi. I went there in 13th. Mikoshi seems to visit on the 14th. When a Mikoshi is carried, the bells are ringing, the drums are struck.


Well, let’s go see the Mikoshi before it is carried!!!!
There are many stalls around the shrine. Many stalls will be opened at the festival. Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, fried chicken, fried potatoes, crepes and else are on sale.


The Stalls Street

Goldfish scooping is famous as a festival stall. Recently, there is also a medaka scooping.


Goldfish scooping and Medaka scooping

But I saw turtle scooping for the first time.


Turtle scooping

Turtles are cute when they are small, but it is hard to raise when growing…. What will happen if these turtles are not scooped up….? I was wondering if I will be able to scoop it.

There is Saiin Kasuga Shrine in the middle of this stalls street.
As soon as I pass through the Torii, I have this shrine. The building of this Shrine is painted scarlet and it is very beautiful. Speaking of mikoshi is a big and heavy image, but there was a mikoshi for children. I remembered when I was a child I carried a Mikoshi for children at a different festival. It is a very good memory.
By the way, about a place where a shrine is located, it is in this shrine. A Lottery and singing festival is scheduled to be held near it. There are many sake for celebration of this festival. Mikoshi is beautiful no matter what. It is shaken when it is carried because bells are on it. A movie is posted on the official homepage of Saiin Kasuga shrine in the state that it is carried. If you are interested, please watch the videos on the site.
Official homepage of Saiin Kasuga shrine(Japanese)

There are many festival in Kyoto every year. So, If you planning to go to Kyoto, how about you come enjoy your time here?
This is about Kasuga festival for this time. Thank you.