Miyama’s “Kayabuki” village (Miyama Kayabuki no Sato in Kyoto)


This time, I’m going to tell about Miyama’s Kayabuki village.

What is Kayabuki?

Have you heard about “Kayabuki”? It is a traditional Japanese house with a rooftop that made from Kaya (grass used for thatching). There are many merits of Kayabuki, one of the benefits among them is “an excellent in heat insulation”. The roof of Kayabuki that uses a lot of Kaya has a characteristic that it has a strong ability to block heat from the outside compared with a general roof because a thick layer of air is formed. Therefore, in the winter it will feel warm because it keeps the indoor temperature. If the rooftops are made from the grass, you might be concern about the rainy season as “Isn’t the water will leak out?” However, the fact is that the layer of Kaya is so thick and unexpectedly impermeable to water. Also, because Kaya is a plant, it is more lightly than a general roof. There is no possibility of loading to the main body of the house such as pillars and walls, and as a result, there is also the advantage of improving the durability of the house. But now they are rarely be found. The fact that maintenance can not be done is considered to be the cause of reducing it.



About Miyama “Kayabuki” village

Miyama “Kayabuki” village is a famous place where it can be seen a lot. This village is designated as a traditional building group preservation district. There are only two cafes here, one Miyama folk museum and two inns in the village.  I ate a soba and a soft cream there. It’s a small town so you can walk around. Snow accumulates on the roof in winter, you can see a fantastic scenery. It is held the winter event “Yukitouro”. If you would like to know more about Miyama, please visit the following website.

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Miyama’s thatched village in summer


Miyama’s thatched village in winter


From Kyoto station by train and bus take about 2 hours. It better to went there by car, for only an hour and half. The parking fee around there cost free.

There are many traditional building in Kyoto. If you planning to go to Kyoto, how about you come enjoy your time here?
This is about Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato in Kyoto) for this time.
Thank you.